Gallery of Customer's Audio Projects

To make your own dedicate amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, DAC at low cost is not merely a dream. Here are the
gallery provided by our valuable friends and customers. Thank you for your great support!

If you want to share your audio project with us, please send the photo to


Ground Grid Preamplifier

Dear Analog Metric team,

Here is some photo's  from my GG amp project.

Very nice sound no problems.

Jack Peters

JP200 Tube Amplifier with PS200 Tube Voltage Regulator



JP200 Tube Amplifier


I just want to say that I'm done with the assembly of the kit and I am very happy with the sweet sound. It sounds really nice
 and I think even better than the Audio Research pre amp I've used just before. The JP200 kit is a great product that I will
recommend to my friends.
Kind regards,

2A3 PP Tube Amplifier


6L6 SE Tube Amplifier

Hicham Boudden from Norway


JP200 Valve Preamplifier


JF from France


M7C SRPP Valve Preamplifier with HV400 Solid-State Regulator 


My friend thank you very much for sending me back the short ship parts. I have finished the making of the

AM7 SRPP preamp and put it into a Old well design Telex box. As I talk about last time it sound great full body

of clean warm sound image . ( A audiophile dream preamp) Thank you again for bring back my childhood hobby.


Best regards

Joe Yu From Australia

LM3886 Power Amplifier (Stereo) with Speaker Protection


IR Remote Control for Volume with Input Selector and LCD



M7C SRPP Preamplifier with HV400 Solid-State Regulator 


I have finished install your AM7 SRPP preamp kit and sound test it.

The result are very goods. Sound is clear and clean on all frequency,

Male and Female  voice are very warm and sweet.

(有氣勢, 又幼細). 很好很好

Enclosed please a photo of my DIY

Best regards

Joe Yu from Australia

JP200 Preamplifier with A28-A Chassis

Few months before I build a jp 200 S1b. The preamp working really great! 

I attach a picture of this, before some updates Iíve done.  Now is in my best friend house as a gift and I need

another one for me.

I will order an jadis jp200 s1 with valve power supply.

Many thanks



6L6 SE Amplifier with a Self-Customerized Chassis

Hi Analog Metric,

I finished my amp and it sounds great! Here is a picture of my design.

Thanks for your time



Grounded Grid Preamplifier with A28-A Chassis


Grounded Grid Preamplifier with Customized Made Chassis with Fan


JP200 Preamplifier with A28-A Chassis


6SN7 SRPP Preamplifier with A21 Chassis





6SN7 SRPP Pre-Amplifier

Hi Analog Metric

I had the resistors on hand and have fitted them now I have the gain and 
the frequency responce is now 5Hz to 100KHz +0dB - 1dB.
Thanks again for the help this is some thing I should have spotted, 
Ihave just bought a new multimeter with a large display so I dont make 
hat type of mistake again.

Best Regards
Stan Styles
From Austrialia

12AX7 Phone Preamplifier with HV400 Voltage Regulator