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Customer Feedbacks

 Some feedbacks from our valueable friends and customers.
 Thank you for your great support!


Customer: Mark Butcher
From: Australia


I have just returned to Adelaide and your transformers were waiting for me.

I understand they arrived on 7/8/2012.  They look beautiful and appear to be in good condition.  The packing was the best I have seen from Hong Kong, and I have bought quite a few transformers from HK.

Thanks very much for your help here. 

A happy Analog Metric customer.      


Mark Butcher


Customer: Masayuki Koga
From: United States



I love this JP-200 tube pre-amp very much. This order is the second of JP-200 preamp, because I wanted the second one as back-up for my sound serstem.

Masayuki Koga


Customer: Alex
From: Portugal


It's not a question, only a comment: Just received the kit and I MUST say it is a top notch item. I almost fell off when I opened the box: The quality of this thing would be unbelievable at TWICE the price.



Customer: Mark King
From: United States

 I was happy to see that the resistors were good quality, and the tube sockets, step attenuators... most of the parts are great or excellent. Thanks for that. The only things I will change are the tubes and capacitors, but yours are good too. I bought some Russian PIO caps, and got lucky recently and bought several dozen 12ax7 tubes -- Telefunken premium, and Ken Rad Sylvania.



Customer: Nakigaia
From: United States

Desiring to get a decent sound for decent money (aka bang for the buck)I built two of the preamp units from I would say they embody the essence of the originals without being direct knockoffs. First I built their version of the Grounded Grid preamp. It had a nice quality sound but lacked a certain richness and low end for my taste. Perhaps nicer for orchestra and some vocals.

I sold the GG board on ebay and started again with the JP200 kit. I have no way to compare to the original, but I am VERY VERY happy with the sound. What impresses me is the richness of the sound and the dimension and detail across the soundstage. A definite upgrade IMO from the GG amp and another manufactured tube preamp from HK that I had been using. It's like my system stepped up to the audio quality I was wanting, and for a minimal investment. I didn't have need to try the Marantz 7 board so I can't comment about that one.

I can't imagine anyone could gripe about the audio results of the JP200, especially after spending less than $400 to give it a try. My two cents.


Customer: Benno
From: Denmark

; ]5 F; t6 }5 ^* VI have Bought the AM000593 DAC, and have just finished installing the DAC, and I must say, my old 10000$ DAC is rubbish, compared to this one - damn its good!


Customer: Kevin
From: United States

Wo~I have just bought a wonderful DIY Grounded Grid Preamp from Analogmetric!! It is absolutely silent in background. The spacial feelings and level of human sound is definitely clear and it is really outstanding. When I first time see this item, the price was very cheap and I suspected its performance by its cheap price. However, I felt it is my best and most reasonable DIY preamp I bought before. Really worth to try, recommended to all. 


Customer: Steven Ho
From: Singapore
C22 sound very musical, detailed. Staging and separation are extremely good, no drag at brass. Thanks


Customer: Paul
From: Australia

I have just completed the Analogmetric tda1541A dac kit ( in nos mode ), and it sounds superb. My question is that the 11.2896 mhz crystal (shiny little metal box ! ) that came with the unit looks like a generic unit ( probably is ok tho ) and it has four pins on the underside that connect thru the pcb. Can I install something like the LC Audio clock 3..or do I need a direct replacement such as the Tent labs vcxo ??, which should slot straight in.


Customer: Lampizator
From: Italy

So what Analogmetric did was to make the most beautiful, most gorgeous PCB which has provision for the great TDA DAC and all parts, some really needed - some not.  Analogmetric offer this PCB in multitude of variants - from empty and naked to fully working. Choice is yours. The price goes from 15 USD for the PCB to 270 USD for the whole working product. Any price point in between is possible - so your purchase is lean meat - only what you need and nothing you don't need. Nice idea, isn't it ?


Customer: TEWM

AnalogMetric A great selection of amplifier, pre-amp, power amps, USB DAC, power supply kits and much more and is easily one of the best supply depots for the DIY audiophile. They also sell transistors, ICs, capacitors, resistors, diodes, heat sinks and chassis. 


Customer: Vanersborg
From: Sweden

You can always check Hong Kong AnalogMetric, has a lot and not too expensive and they deliver fast: I bought the PCB to the Grounded Grid amp, but you can always buy a complete kit:: I bought this PCB:, but you can see that there's a complete kit to buy.


Customer: Steven De Leger
From: Belgium

Good day !
I have well received the transformer. Thank you for the good sending !


Customer: Keith DOBBS
From: New Zealand

Transformer just arrived. Thanks for your fast service.


Customer: Max Chalvien
From: Italy

Thanks you very much. I have received the PCBs, which are fine and high quality than my expected. I will buy more PCBs and components in next few weeks.


Customer: Bill Baker
From: United States

Thanks for the prompt response. That looks to be everything I need! I let you know how it works out in our application. I will be using two selector boards for each setup.


Customer: Matthew
From: Germany

 Hello, i am very impressed by this dac (PCM1704 DAC).

i would like to know, what upgrades you can offer and how much the kit would be with the best chips.

 i would like to take pcm1704-k grade. what would you recomend as receiver and upsampler to get the best results?

thank you in advance for your answer


Customer: Aleksandar Cikos
From: Serbia

On various forums I've heard that your TDA1541A TDA1541 DAC (CS8412 / CS8414, SAA7220) PCB is excellent and very glad I ordered. Since I live in "Serbia" and there is a problem over the payment and delivery, I do not know how to get to the PCB and desperate sam.If you have any suggestions on how to get and pay please answer!
THANKS in advance


Customer: Sid Pennington
From: United Kingdom

Just recieved your vtl MM/Mc phono amp with transformer and power board looks very good quality. Many Thanks Sid Pennington.



Customer: Kimon Williams
From: South Africa

have just bought the 12ax7 mm/mc phono stage kit.

I am most impressed with the quality of your kits.  

Best Regards

Kimon Williams

 PS I also bought the 2a3pp and the 6l6se kits, superb quality I listen everyday to them.


Customer: Clinton Devereaux
From: United States

Very hi quality PCB, very thick / stiff with thick electrical traces A+


Customer: Robert Shapiro
From: United States

Over a week ago, I was happy to have received the two electrolytic capacitors (8200 uF, 71 V) I had ordered from you.  I signed for them as they arrived as registered mail. 


From: Greece



Customer: Wieslaw Lipowski
From: Poland

I recently purchased two 6SN7 SRPP tube pre amplifier PCB boards on Ebay. I found them very neat and good.


Customer: Rüdiger Schwarzenberger
From: Germany


my name is Rüdiger Schwarzenberger(alias drygale).

Yesterday, the 6th January 2011, i got your item:

1x Shuguang 6K4 (6BA6 EF93 6BE6 EK90) Vacuum Tube
(5 tubes)

Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you very much for good and quickly service.


Customer: françois GAUTHERON
From: France

For Full Kit Based on McIntosh C22 Tube Preamplifier S1 (with tubes and chassis):
package is at home in good condition.
thank you


Customer: Ulrich N Fierz
From: Switzerland


recently (I was on vacation a few days) I received your parcel containing the various pc boards ordered from you. Nice boards and I said so in my feedback. 


Customer: Walter The
From: Australia


Good Morning,

Thanks for the quick response for obtaining the manual and instructions. The quality of the kit was second to none. The circuit board is well made and easy to follow. I soldered all the parts last night to both boards.


Customer: Ruddy Limantoro
From: Indonesia


I have done soldering the kit and it works great with Oversampling. I like your kit (TDA1541A DAC) a lot man! best quality.

Best regards



Customer: Walter The
From: Australia

Thank you for the super quick response. I will let you know how it goes after completing it. Look for forward to finishing it off. Thanks again for your kit and after sales service. If this kit works well, I can only see myself buying more. I wish these kits were around 10 years ago. These kits are fun to built and I am getting so much joy from building it.

Thanks again




Customer: Paolo Piccinini
From: Italy

Thank you very much, the kit (Full Kit ref Matisse Fantasy Preamplifier) is done and works perfectly!!
You've been very kind, I will recommend you as great seller to all my friends.
Thanks again

Best regards 
Paolo Piccinini


Customer: Didier Polfliet
From: Belgium

hey Analog Metric,
the assembly guide for the pre-amp is great ,it is all i need ,thanks.
thanks and regards
Didier Polfliet


Customer: Erik Heljefors
From: Sweden

Hi, i soldered the board up (great quality on the board and components by the way!) and tried its functionality with a 9v battery.

Now its way past bedtime for me! Take care!
Regards, Erik Heljefors


Customer: Ulrich N Fierz
From: Switzerland

Hi, just bought more of your boards which were successfully built and tested. Please send invoice with combined shipping for 2 items (4 boards). No documents needed as already received. Thanks and regards, Ulrich Fierz


Customer: Jonathan Wong
From: United States

I like to order this. Please kindly advise. I can hear a significantly better sound than my other TDA1541A from the S1 chip I bought from you.



Customer: Rüdiger Schwarzenberger
From: Germany

my name is Rüdiger Schwarzenberger(alias drygale).
Today, the 14th January 2011, i got your item:

4x Shuguang 6K4 (6BA6 EF93 6BE6 EK90) Vacuum Tube

Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you very much for good and quickly service.

Rüdiger Schwarzenberger(alias drygale)


Customer: Tommy Newman
From: Germany

thanks again for your very good business, everything is in order.
The item are arrived in a very good condition.
I will come back again!

Best regards


Customer: Steve Welebny
From: United States


I recently purchased a circuit board for the Push-Pull 2A3 amplifier. The board arrived very well packed, and is very nicely constructed.


Thank you,

Steve Welebny


Customer: Jan Bak Madsen
From: Denmark

Dear Analog Metric,

The resistors and caps are arrived, and all is complete.
Many thanks for your fine customer service.

Best regards
Jan Madsen


Customer: Michel Estellet Brun
From: France

Hello Analog Metric, thank you very much, I have just received the kit regulator, as for the preamplifier phonograph, can you address to me by e-mail the shema of principle of this regulator, the values on “eBay” are not readable, 

I am very happy, the preampli phonograph functions very well, I thank you for all and the serious one with which you make your transactions

Best regards , Michel.

I wish you one happy new year “French” and especially a good health for 2011  !


Customer: Gert Byleveldt
From: South Africa


Thanks, I received the items in perfect condition as promised.



Customer: Zloiboy
From: Russia


I have previously bought your remote volume control. I have itfully assembled, it works. I'm pleased.
Thank you!


Customer: Dikr Krotzek
From: Germany


I've finished my JP200 Tube pre with HV BJT Regulator PS100. It sounds good.

Many thanks and kindly regards



Customer: Ms. Eugenia Ewing
From: United States

Hello - recently received my kits.  High quality, looks very good! 

Thank you very much my friend - will send to you a photo of ampifier in enclosure with power supply when completed.  Building bridge configuratrion 2 X 100.


Ms. Eugenia Ewing


Customer: Pavol Oravec
From: Slovakia

Dear all,

my order arrived just few hours ago.
Everything looks great!

Thank you.

Best regards,


Customer: DUCHIER
From: France


I thank you for the variable voltage Kit manual.
I'll send you a photo of my pre-amp in his final state.
And thanks too for your serious and your efficiency .



Customer: Gebtecllc
From: United States

I bought and built the 7c preamp a few months ago. Sounds amazing.
It loves Baldwin/Sylvania 12ax7s. Also swapped in some Mundorf caps for coupling to tweak the sound a bit. Was wondering if anyone has adapted the all tube voltage regulator to this kit. I really would like to get it 100% tubes. Thanks


Customer: Michael
From: Australia

Thanks, I have just received product and so far I am very impressed



Customer: Marcio Machado
From: Brazil

Hi There,

Recently i’ve purchased a 6N3 (5670) SRPP Tube Pre-amplifier Amp DIY Kit (Stereo) – Item number: 220710460201. I’ve already received the item, thanks a lot! It has a incredible quality, I’m very satisfied.


Marcio Machado


Customer: Tom Kent
From: Australia

Hi my friends! 

I receive the SRPP amp yesterday, test the sound, working!
I listen for a few hours only so far, excellent wide soundstage, background noise is OK.
So far, very impressive!!!

I will send you an email when I have given a full review.
Also, I plan to purchase some more gear from you (DAC, power amp) soon – will let you know.

Best regards, and of course xie xie!!




Customer: David Powers
From: United States


I want to say that your site is really the best in the world for me : beautiful kits, with a very high quality, … thank you very much !!

Best regards,



Customer: Daniel Berte
From: France

Hi Analog Metric,

I finished my amp and it sounds great! Here is a pic of my design.

Thanks for your time


Customer: Philip Davies
From: USA


Hi i've bought the ir full kit from u. I'm very happy with the quality of the item


Kind Regards 

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


Customer: Joe Yu
From: Australia



Dear Analog Metric Good Day Mate,

Thank you  very much for sending my  order Date 27/3/2012 Sale No 5246 to Australia.

I am happy of your PCB . It is very well design, good quality build, and kit parts are good as well.



Customer: Jorgen Hesselberg
From: Denmark




Hi Analog Metric.

My JP-200 preamp is now starting to play and it`s really sounding great, worth every penny.






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